Thursday, June 17, 2010

Re-Introducing Myself...

I've recently been added as one of the bloggers linked to my hometown newspaper:  The Hampshire Review (thanks for having me, Sallie!).  This is exciting because it's another connection to my hometown of Romney, WV even though I now live with my two children in Wheeling (uh oh...the "other panhandle").  I'm the oldest of Royce and Sharon Saville's four kids (hi Mom, Dad, Ashley, Meagan and Philip!).  I don't get home as much as I'd like these days, but love where I had the good fortune to grow up.  I graduated from Hampshire High School in 1994.  I'm currently pursuing my masters of Criminal Justice at UMass.  I guess it's fair to call me a career student--I can't stay away.  I love to cook, knit, make my kids do things that generate good photos and try to wrangle an army of rescued dogs and cats.  You'll probably hear a little about all of that and then some.  Hope you find a neat tidbit to take away if you stop by to read for a bit. 

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