Thursday, November 29, 2007

Inaugural Post

OK, this is not just a copycat blog, I promise (although thanks for the idea, Pioneer Woman, and to Kate and Jaime for being the people I know who did it first). More than anything, this will serve as a filing system/method of scrapbooking that is very effective for me. I have a jump-drive full of recipes, my favorite place in my house is my kitchen...I just love food. I love finding new recipes, tweaking them, making them and then hearing that the people I love have enjoyed them. I love to go out to eat--when we travel, I'm usually most excited about the culinary adventures we might have. I love all kinds of food...I appreciate everything from a dripping basket of buffalo wings to a five-star-chef-prepared meal. When I'm at home, I love finding opportunities to cook for family and friends. I have dreams of winning the lottery and clearing out Williams-Sonoma. Hopefully this is a good explanation of what this will be...not just a bank of recipes, though right now that will be the case. I just need to get what I have uploaded and then maybe will add photos as I remake the recipes, but I can't guarantee that I'll be as organized as my friends who've gone before me. I'll also talk about food reviews, kitchen gadgets, etc. Because I can :-)

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