Tuesday, April 15, 2008

RAMPS, Y'all!!!

It's that time of year again. We just harvested our first batch of ramps on Sunday. We have a hillside full of them. For those who know and love ramps, no, I'm not telling you where I live. We're greedy and selfish folks. Unless we like you. And you're brave. And you like to be a little stinky. This post will be continued, with photos and a recipe or two (or ten). But, I needed to get started with the post as I lose my train of thought a lot these days (Since bringing our daughter Sophia home from Guatemala late last month, we now have two kids under the age of two in the house). Go forth, click these links, and learn about ramps. Appalachian brain food. Read about "The Feast of the Ramson".


cara said...

chris brought these home last year after he was traveling through md on his way back from dc.... we cooked these up and we stank for daaaays.... is stank a word? well, in relationship to ramps, i have to say yes, we stank, stink and stunk for what seemed like forever.... but damn that was part of the yummiest breakfast ever!

Dispatcher from Hell said...

I have never tried these, but they sound so yummy! Can't wait to see some recipes.

jj said...

This is a new one to me, but it sounds very good, thanks! Love learning about different things like this.